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Dancing in the Shadows

Emerging blinking into the sunlight…but enough about me. What is happening today? A magnitude 9 earthquake and possible nuclear meltdown in Japan; a rebellion against Gaddafi in Libya; an eerie hush falling over Wikileaks; union-bashing in the land of the free; the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has risen 22% since I was born; the world is more or less ignoring the fusion reactor than God, chance, fate or the Weak Anthropic Principle has blessed it with, and is instead using up the dwindling remains of its fossil fuels at an accelerating rate, the blogosphere is filling up with rants like this instead of wonderful writing like this, and all the time we’re being told to OBEY and CONSUME and REPRODUCE like in that wonderful film by John Carpenter (if memory serves, which seems less and less likely), and that everything is just peachy.

Thank God this is all only a dream